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Westlake Radio Control Club is a club composed of individual and family members that have an interest in radio controlled model aviation.  These radio controlled models can be built and flown as a worthwhile recreational activity or participate in recognized competitive flying events.  Most members of this club enjoy RC Flying as a recreational activity for which there is no such thing as an age limit, just a desire to partake in model aviation.

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2017 Meetings AND Fun-Flies

June 24th - Fun-fly AMVET's Field  <- Date Change

New Date.  From Bob:

As the social Director I was planning to do a fun Fly On the last Saturday of June. Then my wife stepped in and said we were going to a HS graduation that weekend in NY. T0 get around that conflict I am moving the fun fly to the Saturday the 17th and the rain date is Sunday the 18th at the AMVET's field. As always, I will have food and we will fly and have fun seeing folks maybe for the first time in the season. I know as a working stiff it has been windy on the weekends when I have a chance to get out. Hope you guys with a bit more flexible schedule have been able to get out.

We will have Sloppy Joes, Chips and drinks. It will start about 11 AM.

If you guys would like to have any flying competition, please let me know so we can tell people about it. If you suggest a competition you need to be there to run it. I only take care of the food. Sorry but the food is enough work.

Happy flying and we will see you the 17th!

Bob M

July 24th - Fun-fly AMVET's Field

Aug 26th - Fun Fly AMVET's Field

October 12th - Regular club meeting

October 29th - Swap Shop (tentative)

December 14th - regular club meeting, Avon Lake Public Library, Time: 7PM

Hello 2017, goodbye 2016....

January 1st 2017 Fun Fly.  For all the pics, Click Here.

June 25th, 2016 Fun Fly.  For all the pics, Click Here.

Thanks to Tom and Dave for the pics.

Some flying on February 7, 2016

Wings and Warbirds Over Port Clinton - August 2015

2015 Pictures - Two albums  (Click Here)

2016 Wings and Warbirds

August 27-28, 2016  Think about volunteering or flying.

(12-14-2015  Note: this is the updated date from he original date Aug. 21-22)

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